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Why Beck's Farmhouse Coffee

Beck's Farmhouse Blend
100% Fresh, Small Batch, Hand Roasted, Arabica Coffee

  • 100% Arabica Coffee Beans -Most coffee you find on the grocery store shelves consist of Rubusto coffee. Beck's Farmhouse Blend is 100% Arabica. That means it's grown high in the mountains. It has to be handpicked and because its so delicate, it gives off the most amazing aromas and flavors when roasted fresh.




  • One of a Kind Blend - We didn't want you to have just a regular cup of coffee. We wanted you to experience something that you couldn't get anywhere else. So we pulled out all the stops and started with 5 different countries of origin. Then we roasted them 3 different ways at 3 different degrees of roast. Then combined them into a one of a kind blend.




  • One of Kind Experience - We wanted you to have the opportunity to experience coffee in it's truest form. So we roast it fresh. Send it directly to your door, so you can make an amazing cup, at the peak of the coffee's freshness.



Why you should hire your own coffee roaster.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find high quality coffee that has been roasted within a couple days.  With businesses trying to cut corners and costs, the home coffee connoisseur is the one who gets the short end of the stick.  
At Beck's, we don't cut corners.  We buy the most select beans, roast them just enough (we dont'over-roast or burn) to get the full range of flavors and aromas the coffee has to offer.  
We don't steadily decrease the amount of coffee in our packaging, from 16 ounces, down to 12 ounces, down to 10 ounces.   Instead, we package a full pound of coffee, a whole 16 ounces, like it should be, and seal them in an industrial, 3 layer coffee bag. 
We also want to be sure, that your money isn't going to support things you don't believe in.
If you believe in honesty, hard work, treating people justly and with respect....
If you believe in traditional values that build strong families along with a strong society....
If you appreciate the pure things in life, and the artistry of growing a superior product and roasting it to perfection...
If you value that the process from planting, to harvesting, to roasting, to packaging and shipping was done with the utmost care....
Then Beck's Farmhouse is the coffee roaster for you. 
You deserve to have a fresh cup of coffee, hand crafted just for you. That's why we want to be, your personal coffee roaster.

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