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About Beck's

Who we are.

Beck’s Farmhouse Coffee is a family business that specializes in roasting the finest single-origin coffees from around the world in small batches by hand. After founding, owning and operating several coffee shops in the heart of Nashville from 1999 to 2010, we decided to take a step back from the store-front side of things and focus solely on roasting. Since then, Beck's has been providing fresh-roasted beans for families, coffee shops, and other local clients in Nashville. With our new online presence, we will now be able to share our beans far and wide.

What we do.

Unlike some independent roasters, we don’t have lots of big machines with lots of employees operating them. We're a family with a small farm just outside Nashville that wants to share the coffee experience with other families who are interested in sharing that experience and knowing where their coffee comes from. We buy organic and natural processed raw coffee and roast it throughout the week to fulfill the orders we receive. We don’t believe in letting coffee sit on the shelves and get stale. If knowing who, how, and where your coffee comes from is important to you, then our family would love to roast for you.

Our Roasting Style.

When Beck’s Farmhouse Coffee roasts, our main concern is getting the most out of the coffee at hand. It takes a long time and many miles to get to us, so we commit to not wasting it. Each coffee is roasted specifically to a certain recipe and degree of roast to bring out its intrinsic flavor. We want you to be able to taste the difference of each origin of coffee. We don’t roast every coffee to super dark or light to make things simple. Each coffee is handled and roasted differently to get the most out of that particular bean.

What we sell.

Coffee is a natural product that is harvested only a couple times during the year. Some of the coffees we provide could be out of season or no longer available due to supply constraints. This can be very frustrating when you have one coffee you really love and suddenly it's no longer available. To mitigate this, we suggest that our clients have a couple favorite single-origin coffees and a blend made of several coffees. When a person drinks one of the mainstream coffee brands, they could be drinking a blend of up to 15 different coffee origins. While making it possible to never be out of that blend, this high volume blending muddles the taste of the origins. At Beck’s Farmhouse Coffee, we choose to be patient for the coffees to come back into season so we can enjoy their different taste profiles.

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