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The Italian Roast
The Italian Roast
The Italian Roast
The Italian Roast
The Italian Roast
The Italian Roast

"...It’s fresh, bold and glistening with oils which gives it richness and flavor. The fact that it comes in legit 1lb bags makes it an easy decision…"

- Brett Boyer, Black Gold Customer




  • Family Owned

"Hands down the best Italian Roast I've ever consumed, kudos!!!"

-Michael Watson, Black Gold Customer

Dark roast lovers...we made this for you.

Dark roast lovers...
we made this for you.

Hand-Roasted in Joelton, TN using our 24 year old family recipe, the bold, complex flavor of Black Gold leaves nothing to be desired. With robust tasting notes of bittersweet chocolate and caramelized sugar paired with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel, Black Gold is the dark roast to end all dark roasts.

Dark. Bold. Oily.

Dark roasts can't compete with the Bold, Oily nature of "Black Gold." As the best-selling coffee in local Nashville grocery stores for the past 20+ years, "Black Gold" delivers on its nickname...
Watch the video to see how to get the most out of your "Black Gold."

Why is "Black Gold" so oily?

Our Black Gold is so oily due to a natural process that occurs within the bean when roasted.  The oil is intrinsic to the inside of a green coffee bean, and through roasting, oils are forced to the outside of the bean. In the heating process, we use the sight of oil on the beans to indicate the roast is nearly complete.

Do you add anything to make the "Black Gold" oily?

Absolutely…………NOT! We use ZERO oils or additives in our coffees. The beautiful shine is the natural oil of the coffee beans being expressed during the roasting process. Typically, the darker the roast, the more oil is expressed.

What type of beans do you use to make The Italian "Black Gold?"

While the comprehensive recipe of Black Gold is top's safe to share that we only use high-grown, Arabica, strictly hard beans sourced from the Americas.

I usually drink light roast coffees...will I like drinking “Black Gold?”

Black Gold has a unique taste profile, all its own.  Lighter coffee profiles will have more citrussy brightness and berry flavors. In contrast, Black Gold has a robust, smokey, chocolatey, flavor profile.

What's the best way to brew "Black Gold?"

French press, hands down! In our experience, a press pot is the best way to highlight the dark, rich flavor that is signature to Black Gold. Doctor it up with a splash of heavy cream…and you’ve also got dessert! Second to French Press is your drip coffee maker (we prefer using a Technivorm Moccamaster). Thirdly, we choose pour over...Moka pot also gets an “honorable mention.”

How should I store my "Black Gold?"

In a safe...... just kidding! The best way to store your Black Gold is in an airtight, room temperature container.  Our bags come with a one way, degassing valve, which is perfect for storing coffee. After scooping from the bag, turn down the opening several times and secure with the coffee clip we provide you. A canister made specially for fresh roasted coffee is also helpful, since air can be forced from the container to prevent oxidation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Richard Buckhana
Great Coffee, Great Service.

I've tried other coffee houses...none have been more caring or concern about me
and my order...personally contacting me by phone, both owners. In my experience with online ecommerce...this just does not happen. Great Coffee, Great Service.

Thomas Scaglioni
Very well might be the finest Dark Roast available in the US today.

A lifetime coffee drinker, but in 1989 my pallet was transformed by a special Dark Roast in California. Upon moving to TN in 2020, that was no longer available when a friend recommended I might enjoy this little know gem called Becks. Thinking because I am Italian, that would seal the deal. I knew he was wrong but I said I would try it. As a gift he brought me 1 lb. of Becks Italian Dark Roast. I opened the bag and to my delight the beans were oily fresh- and the aroma was wonderful. I ground up my usual 2 TBLS volume in my grinder. As the cup was being pre-heated in the micro, my Whistler Kettle was boiling spring water. 3 min. later, I poured the water from Kettle through the Melita filled with Becks into the preheated cup. I slowly tasted my 1st sip of this surprisingly and possibly best tasting coffee on this continent for the first time. I was profoundly amazed my friend had chosen this just hoping an Old Italian would like it. Honestly speaking, it is so wonderful it is the last coffee decision an avid coffee drinker will ever have to make. Simply put: Becks é il migliore! = Becks Is Best! Thomas Scaglioni

jay swafford


Michael Watson
Exceptional Italian Roast

Hands down the best Italian roast I’ve ever consumed, kudos!!!

Troy Reed
Oh boy!!!!!

I don't know what I can say that probably hasn't already been said but, wow wow wow!!!! This coffee isn't for the faint of heart! If your not a real deal fan of dark roasts, please look elsewhere but if you love deep, very bold, dark chocolate, molasses, deep caramel notes, this is amazing! I am mostly an espresso enthusiast so that's my pick of preparation so you can imagine the intense, but smooth coffee this can be!!! There's just "something" about this particular very dark roast that's different that most United States roasters cannot provide when roasting this dark. Before this, the only ones I knew that could give you this dark but not be overly astringent is the Italians in Naples. If you love the dark, give this one a try. You will not regret it!

More Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you have a Roast Date?

Roast dates are for old coffee. At Beck’s, we roast weekly, and typically your coffee is 4-9 days old upon delivery. Since we have a retail store, we considered providing a roast date, but soon realized our coffee sold so quickly, we couldn’t keep it on the shelf. Providing a roast date became a moot point.

What is the best Coffee to Water ratio?

While the coffee intelligentsia geeks-out on TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and PPM (Parts Per Million), we concern ourselves with taste…so to answer your question… 
For French Press - 1 part coffee to 14 parts water 
For Pour Over - 1 Part coffee to 13 parts water For Drip - 1 part coffee to 16 parts water 
For Espresso - 1 part coffee to 3 parts water (usually 20 grams for a double shot espresso.)

Where can I get “Black Gold?”

If you’re not local to the Nashville, TN area, you can get the same amazing coffee, right here, online.

Do you ship anywhere?

We ship anywhere in the US.

When will I get my order?

We send orders out daily, and we ship USPS Priority. Usually takes 2-3 business days.

How fresh is my coffee?

We roast several times a week to fulfill daily orders. Since we don’t store coffee that has been roasted, your coffee will typically be between 4 and 9 days old when you receive it.

Are your beans made in China?

No, your beans don’t come from China. While your coffee is being roasted fresh in Nashville, we are unable to grow coffee in this region.  We source from coffee regions around the world. Just like wine, each region produces coffee with a unique taste profile.

Where are you located?

We are located on the outskirts of Nashville, TN, in a small community called Joelton.  We have a brick-and-mortar, retail location, and all roasting takes place on-site.

What grind should I get?

Since every person has their favorite way to brew coffee, we offer 6 different ways to grind your beans.  The grind determines how fast the coffee is extracted during the brew process.  The finer the grind, the quicker coffee can be extracted.  The coarser the grind, the longer it takes to extract.  The key is to find the balance of extracting only the amazing parts of the coffee, while leaving the undesirable parts behind. For instance, if  you choose “Drip” as your grind, we will grind your coffee to best accomplish this balance using a drip coffee maker. If you choose “french press,” we’ll grind it coarser to accommodate the french press. 

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