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Italian Roast

Italian is our darkest roast yet! We haven't heard of any other roasters having the fire departme...
Italian is our darkest roast yet! We haven't heard of any other roasters having the fire department called on them while roasting because of the bellowing smoke it produces.

One night, we were crafting up some Italian in the roasting barn. This stuff gets extremely smoky…and I mean smoky. When the beans reach around the 470 degree mark, they begin emitting major amounts of smoke. Even though our roaster is attached to a chimney in hopes of keeping the inside of the barn smoke-free, it could not keep up with the intense volume that was being expelled from the coffee. White clouds continued to pile on top of each other inside the barn as the temperature of the beans grew.

Just as we were about to release the beans out of the roaster and into the cooling bin, we heard a loud, menacing knock on the barn door along with a faint voice. We opened it to a crew of fully outfitted firemen standing right in front of us surrounded by smoke. To their surprise, we let them know that the barn was actually not on fire and that we were simply roasting coffee beans.

It turns out that there was a low-pressure weather system moving into our area that kept the smoke hovering close to the ground. It ended up flowing across the street which caused a nearby neighbor to call the fire department! If we hadn't known that the smoke came from our coffee roasting operation, we honestly would've thought part of the neighborhood was on fire!

After calming the crew’s fears, we all had a few laughs about the whole situation, we gave them some coffee to try, and they went on their way.

Who knew coffee roasting could be so unpredictable? This memory was definitely one for the books, and now for you as well.

Our Italian is dark roasted to perfection. A blend of Central and South American coffees with a bold flavor, mild acidity, and a semi-sweet finish.

Customer Reviews

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Steven P
This coffee is excellent!

I’ve been a long time buyer - several pounds every 4-6 weeks. I’ve enjoyed every flavor, excellent taste, and highly recommend Becksfarmhouse!

tim smith
Italian roast

I am addicted love the flavor never bitter

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